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How to celebrate Cinco de Mayo!

Cinco de Mayo is a Mexican holiday originated in Mexico but is in the United States where the biggest celebration takes place ( I would say it is due to the large Mexican population living there), and has been extended all around the world, including Canada.

This holiday is typically misconceived as Mexican Independence day (September 16), Cinco de mayo commemorates the victory over France at the battle of Puebla, back in May 5, 1862.

How do we celebrate?

Cinco de Mayo brings together large gatherings with fiestas full of color , folk dancing, regional music and traditional dishes, mainly in the streets of Puebla, Mexico.

Cinco de mayo has gained a big popularity and celebrations are now common at Mexican restaurants around the globe mainly to enjoy traditional and authentic Mexican food and of course sip some tequila or a margarita.

The best Mexican food is prepared to share with family and friends: carne asada tacos, pastor tacos, enchiladas, fish tacos, tostadas and of course you can't have a Cinco de Mayo party without guacamole and churros!

Whether you prefer to order take out, a catering or visit a local Mexican restaurant to join the celebration, we will have something to surprise you here in Border MX on Streetsville, Mississauga.

Browse our menu to order online or visit us in store to try the delicious, authentic Mexican menu we have created for you!

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